PRICELESSIssue 1   |   Vol. 1   |  July 2021THE EDEN ECHOThe Voices of HEEInto The Thick of It
Table of contents2ON OUR COVERInto The Thick Of It is a lovely piece created by Cain for our cover. It will be placed for auction on August 1 and the auction will end on August 15. Every month we will auction the cover art from the previous month. Go to TEECC for more details.1 Stirrup Suspense StoriesA FirstLightFarm featured story2 Trailblazing ArtistsSporting Chance Farm (SCF) interviews our cover artist, Cain, from Grape Cheese.4 Mane Courses and Side Saddles Recipe RoundupA collection of recipes from around the globe.First Annual TEECC
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PAGE 1The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Stirrup Suspense StoriesMystery at GreenhollowA FirstLightFarm featured story~Chapter One~
The nightmares followed Emma into the waking world.
She lay in her bed, hands pressed against the sheets, trying to listen to anything but the terrified thump of her heart. It had been the same collection of nightmares again, blood-soaked and silent and glinting with knives in the dark. Terrifyingly real.
It wouldn't happen again. She had to believe that. But something had woken her.
Above the crow of the neighbor's rooster, she heard something closer. A scratching sound. Inside the house, and she tried to tell herself it was Red, but- why would he be slinking around in the dark? His dreams were haunted by the same thing hers was.
Something crashed. The shattering of glass against tile.
Emma snatched her pocketknife from the nightstand and tore through the door. She would die fighting, not asleep as Catherine had.
Across the hallway, Red's door opened too. His silhouette stood in the frame, filling it with his height but not his width, and he looked at her. "You heard it?"
"Shh," Emma said, listening. She could hear something, but she couldn't quite place the sound. It was a soft pat-pat, then a pause. Another pat-pat. Her blood ran cold. “Something’s inside.”
“I’ll go investigate,” Red whispered. The hallway was lit with the dim blue light of dawn, filtering through the living room windows ahead. Hating herself for her cowardice, Emma let Red pass her, noticing his limp. It always became more pronounced when the weather was about to change, a leftover from his eventing days.
Knife digging into her palm, she followed him, eyes wide, tensed for any more signs of danger. They made it into the edge of the living room, Red putting a questioning hand on the lightswitch. He ducked his head close to hers. “See anything?”
Emma squinted. The dawn was not quite strong enough, but she could sense that something was not right. Her pulse galloped. She didn’t want to see what was happening in that room, didn’t want to face it… but not knowing was worse. “Turn it on,” she said, voice low.
"On three," Red counted, and flicked on the light.
He began to laugh.
"Oh, Rocco." Emma surveyed the scene in dismay. Broken glassware, a pillow torn across the room, and in the center of it all, the tuxedo barn cat with a lizard in his mouth. "What a mess."
"Better a mess than a murderer," Red said, kneeling with a hand out. Rocco abandoned the lizard to its doom and trotted over, arching his back against Red's hand. His smile faded as he and Emma digested his words.
Softly, Emma said, "that's not funny."
"No," Red agreed, sobering up. "It's not."
It had only been a month since Red had found Catherine Green, beaten and left dead in the entrance to her barn. His grandmother. Emma’s landlord. Neither of them knew what their next step was.
Emma had felt like she’d been falling ever since. 
"No use going back to sleep now," she said, breaking the silence between them as the rooster crowed again. She couldn’t imagine shutting off the lights and closing her eyes and pretending everything was okay. “I’m going to head down to the barn.”
“That’s okay,” Red said, as though she’d asked. She hadn’t. Rocco meowed and twisted himself through his legs. “We’ve got it handled up here.”
“I’m sure you do,” Emma replied, and stepped out into the brisk morning air.
The odd part about Catherine’s murder was that Emma didn’t feel nervous stepping into the barn, past the place her body had been found. Greenhollow Stables had never been an unsafe place for her. The horses were warm and comfortable in their stalls, looking out at her with bright eyes and pricked ears.
She used the pocketknife to open a bale and started tossing hay. It was a familiar routine. Willow, her thoroughbred, threw her head over her stall door and let out a deep, throaty whicker, eager for breakfast. Emma stopped to scratch the one white spot beneath her chin, the rest of the mare covered in her fuzzy bay winter coat. Willow did not, at the moment, look much like an eventer. After a month off work, Emma didn’t feel much like one either.
“We’ll get back into it,” she said, and Willow’s ears flicked to catch her voice. “We still have time.”
Catherine had helped her train WIllow. She’d helped her take the thoroughbred from a wild, rangy thing and transform her into the Prelim athlete that she was now. Emma wasn’t sure how she was going to continue her training from here. Red was an experienced eventer, of course, but there’d been an accident. She didn’t know the details, but it was why he’d returned to Greenhollow so abruptly, after years spent travelling and competing. All his horses sold, and though he helped her with the chores sometimes, he didn’t seem interested in ever picking up the reins again.
Grief, Emma figured, manifested in people differently. Hers felt like glass shards pressing against her heart. One wrong move and they would pierce it. But Red was looking ahead, at college, at a life away from horses and his grandmother. There was no time for him to slow down and accept the things that he had lost.
She was startled out of her thoughts by the growling sound of a vehicle pulling up the driveway, towards the stable. Willow pulled away from her and let out a piercing whinny, and there was an answering whinny, and the sound of a horse banging around inside a trailer. Emma frowned. Greenhollow wasn’t supposed to be getting any new horses.
Red came in through the barn door, dressed in a polo and jeans that were too nice for the barn. “What’s going on out there?”
Story Continued on Page 3
PAGE 2The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Trailblazing ArtistsAn artist by any other probably Cain                                By: SCFIn a quick question and answer session, I, SCF, got to know a little bit more about Cain Manor. Cain has gone by many aliases and is currently known on HEE as Grape Cheese.

A few months ago, the chat was overrun with many stables changing their name to something with “Grape” in it. I asked Cain why it became a chat phenomenon. She responded that she and a group of her friends known as The Real Idiots of HEE all changed their names to something relating to grapes. The Real Idiots of HEE is a RP forum in which Cain, as well as Lucky, Savannah Stable, TenaciTea and Thistleberry Farm are all members.
Cain, who is a Tier 2 artist, has been on HEE since May 2020. She has been doing art for as long as she can remember. All types of art interest her but she started photo manipulation one year ago, coming back to it recently after a six month break. She has an art shop called Cain Design where you can find her wonderful photo manipulations in the Tier 2 forum.
A typical piece takes about an hour. Her setup is Ibis Paint on an iPad. So far her favorite creation is her stable avatar. It took her a while to complete and she is very proud of it.
She could not tell me one specific piece of advice that she felt was the best given to her, but she did say that she has gotten a lot of good advice from Ahmain Dull Liath (Misha) and Spirtasi Whims (Tasi) who have been great mentors to her. Her best advice to any artist is “Don’t give up! You can always get better!” Cain also added that she loves the creative process of art- with horse art, she specifically likes the manes and tails. Her pet peeve is art block.

On a more personal note, I wanted to find out, who is Cain? Besides her love of art, she is an avid softball player and is currently a Catcher and Second Baseman for her high school team. She has played for four years and has played every possible position except Shortstop. She has a boyfriend whom she loves and she enjoys picking on her friends. People love her humor and when asked what she would change about herself, she says, “Nothing. I am amazing!”.

One day Cain stumbled upon the website for Horse Eden Eventing. She breeds Warmbloods and her current goal is to breed a WWW horse. She sadly does not have any real life horses because she doesn’t have the time right now. She does like dogs and she is allergic to cats.
Cain hopes to possibly turn her art into a career. She said she would love to be a prop designer for movies. I had one last question for her and that was if she had entered the Artists Rumble. She told me she has entered before but not this time. “I find the assigned stock the hardest because I like to use my own… I’m comfortable with it. I’ll definitely enter again.”
I asked Cain to do the cover for the magazine and it is stunning. We will be auctioning the cover art of the magazines, the month after they run. Please go to TEECC for more information on the auction. ~ SCF
Cain's favorite piece, her stable avatarOur lovely cover piece that will be
 up for auction
starting August 1 and ending August 15. 
Don't forget to bid.
PAGE 3The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Stirrup Suspense Stories: Mystery at Greenhollow continued:“I don’t know,” Emma said, shouldering past him.
A truck was coming up the driveway, pulling a shaking trailer behind it. In front of it was a smaller four-door, and a girl was stepping out of it, pulling up her long blonde hair as she did so. “My name’s Hannah,” she said, voice raised above the racket. “Is Catherine around?”
Red stood behind Emma, and she heard his sharp intake of breath. “She’s dead.”
Hannah’s grin faltered as the trailer rattled to a stop. “I’m sorry. I didn’t…”
“What is all this?” Emma asked, gesturing towards the trailer. She was beginning to feel like yesterday and today were two different species. “We’re not expecting a new horse.”
“I thought you were. I spoke to Catherine, last month. I was supposed to bring Spartan over today. We don’t have anywhere else to go.” Hannah cast a worried look towards the trailer. “She’s dead? What happened?”

“She was murdered,” Red said flatly. He reached down and lightly pulled Emma’s arm. “Excuse me, I need to speak to my… associate for a second.”
Emma let him tug her back into the barn, turning to watch as Hannah approached the trailer, waving her hands and saying something to the driver. “What?”
“I’ve seen that girl at events,” Red said. “Her horse is crazy.”
“So! We don’t need another problem. It’s hard enough keeping Greenhollow going without.”
“Maybe it’s just crazy at shows,” Emma said. It sounded like the horse was trying to kick in the trailer, but she forced herself to meet Red’s gaze. She wasn’t sure who was really in charge here. He was Catherine’s grandson, and would inherit the farm, but she was the one that had
lived here for seven years. Already she could feel herself embracing the distraction of this new horse and rider. If Greenhollow could move on without Catherine, then so could she. ”Let’s give him a chance.”
“I don’t know why my grandmother would have agreed to this,” Red said, frowning. “I never knew her to accept problem horses.”
Emma didn’t either. With the exception of Willow, the rest of the boarders were quiet trail horses, retirees and pleasure ponies kept for boarders looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. She crossed her arms. “Maybe she didn’t know how bad he is.”
“Well, it’s your problem now.” Red glanced at his watch and shook his head, relenting. “I’m about to be late for class.”
Belatedly, Emma realized how much time had passed. Where had the hours gone? “Go,” she said, shoving him out the barn. “I can handle the new horse.”
“I’m sure you can,” Red said, flashing her a grin, and before she could reply, he was gone.

Tune in next month for more of Mystery at Greenhollow by FirstLightFarmsjacob-jolibois@unsplash
PAGE 4The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Mane Courses and Side Saddles Recipe RoundupAn amazing collection of recipes from HEE members around the globe.Paradox's Classic Apple Piepriscilla-du-preez@unsplashScreaming SummertimeA summer backyard picnic just isn't complete without a Good Ole' Apple Pie!  This delicious favorite is always extra tasty with a scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream.PIE CRUST
2 1/2 cups (325g) All purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1 Tbsp sugar
1 cup (230g) very cold unsalted butter, cut into small cubes
4 to 8 Tbsp ice cold water
Mix flour, salt, and sugar in large bowl or food processor.
Add butter and cut in/pulse until combined. The mix will be crumbly.
Transfer to a bowl and add 4 Tbsp of the cold water. Using a spatula (or hands) mix the dough until it begins to hold shape when pinched together. If it is too crumbly, gradually add water 1-2 Tbsp at a time.
Divide dough in half and flatten into round discs or balls, refrigerate for at least 1 hour, or up to 2 days.
1/2 cup (115g) unsalted butter
3 Tbsp All purpose flour
1/4 cup (60ml) water
1/2 cup (75g) white sugar
1/2 cup (75g) packed brown sugar
1 Tbsp cinnamon
8 Granny smith apples - peeled, cored, and sliced
Preheat oven to 425F (220C)kotagauni-srinivas@unsplashCombine apples with cinnamon in a large bag or bowl, shake or mix to combine.
In a small saucepan, melt the butter.
Whisk in flour to form a paste.Add sugars and water, and bring to a boil, then reduce the temperature and let simmer.
Pour the apples into the bottom crust, with a slight mound.
Top with a lattice crust, then slowly pour the butter mixture over the top, allowing it to seep into the apples. *This makes a tasty sweet top crust, but you can add the mixture before the top crust if you like.
Bake for 15 minute in the preheated oven, then reduce the temperature to 350F (175C) and continue baking for 35-45 minutes or until apples are soft.

Submitted by: Paradox Elites
Page 5The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Mane Courses and Side Saddles Recipe RoundupAn amazing collection of recipes from HEE members around the globePeppermint Crisp TartThis is my absolute favourite dessert of all time - if I could live on it, I would in a heartbeat. For those who haven’t heard or tasted it before - basically, everyone not from South Africa - Peppermint Crisp Tart is a layered dessert with caramel cream, tennis biscuits, and of course its namesake: Peppermint Crisp. It keeps relatively well for a few days, and I personally enjoy it more on the second day, since all of the flavours have settled in. ~Tanglewoodsebastian-santacruz@unsplashIngredients
2 x 397g (14oz) cans of caramel
200g (7 oz)Tennis biscuits (or any flat, square-shaped biscuit)
750ml (25 oz)cream
2 x Peppermint Crisp chocolate bar, grated or chopped finely
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Refrigeration Time: 40+ minutes.
1. Beat the cream until it holds its shape when you turn a tablespoon of it upside down - you want it slightly firmer than when you usually whip cream, because the caramel is going to loosen it a lot.
2. While the cream is whipping, mix the caramel in a small bowl until there are no lumps.
3. Add the caramel and half of the grated chocolate gradually while the stand mixer is beating at a slow speed, scooping the edges with a spatula every now and then. Don’t overmix the cream!
4. Once the ingredients are fully incorporated, create a layer of the mixture in a rectangular dish (preferably one with a lid) Alternate the layers with caramel cream and biscuits, sprinkling the remaining chocolate in between each layer.
5. Finish the layering with caramel cream, and tease into small peaks with a fork. I like putting generous chocolate on top, but that’s entirely up to you. Refrigerate until firm, and store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge.
→ This should be refrigerated until right before it is served.
→ I almost always make extra caramel/cream mixture, since it’s so delicious. You can also freeze it to make a frozen yogurt-style treat.
→ Chocolate biscuits are the best in terms of complimenting the flavour, but plain/vanilla is also fine..
Page 6The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Mane Courses and Side SaddlesAn amazing collection of recipes from HEE members around the globeTanglewood's Tasty Falafel Rollsdimitri-photography@unsplashThis is one of my favourite summer meals, since it doesn’t have to be served hot and has a refreshing taste. It’s also an easy vegetarian meal, and if you leave out the sauce, can be switched to vegan. All in all, it’s a go-to recipe that you can whip up relatively quickly without needing any fancy ingredients or equipment. ~ Tanglewoodpille-r-priske@unsplashIngredients

250g frozen butter beans
310g chickpeas
2 cloves garlic
6 spring onions
1 teaspoon ground cumin
½ teaspoon ground coriander
¼ cup parsley, finely chopped
¼ cup mint, finely chopped
¼ cup polenta, approximately
1 small cucumber
8 cos lettuce leaves/any leafy salad green
4 pita breads

2 tablespoons bulgar wheat
⅔ cup parsley, chopped
2 spring onions
1 medium tomato (+- 130g), chopped
2 teaspoons olive oil
yogurt sauce
1 cup plain yogurt
1 clove garlic
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon soy sauce
3 teaspoons mint, finely chopped
Prep Time: 40 minutes
Baking Time: 40 minutes

1. Preheat the oven to 200C / 390F. Place beans and chickpeas in a bowl and cover with boiling water. After 5 minutes, drain them and remove the outer skins.
2. Blend beans, chickpeas, garlic, onion, cumin, coriander and herbs until combined. Make sure to check for lumps - these are usually chickpeas that have escaped the whizzer.
3. Shape into small balls (about the size of a teaspoon) and roll in polenta. Bake, uncovered, on an oiled baking tray for about 40 minutes or until browned.

4. Place the bulgar wheat in a small bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave for 10 minutes (while you chop up the other ingredients) and then drain. Combine it with the rest of the ingredients.
5. Combine the ingredients in a small bowl. Make sure that the soy sauce is properly mixed in!
6. Heat up the pitas in the microwave or toast them lightly in the oven.
7. Using a vegetable peeler, peel the cucumber into strips lengthways. Divide the various toppings (sauce, tabbouleh, falafels, lettuce, cucumber) between the pitas and fold the bread over the filling. Alternately, slice the pitas in half and stuff them with the toppings. (I find this easy to eat, although it isn’t as visually attractive.)
→ If you’re short on time, you can make the falafels slightly bigger so that you don’t spend as long rolling them into balls; however, they’ll need to bake for longer then.
→ I always make extra yogurt sauce, since my family loves it. It’s very easy to make and is a tasty instant dip for other finger foods.
→ If you want crunchy falafels with a soft inside, roll them heavily in polenta and allow them to cook for 10 more minutes.
PAGE 7The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Who's In The LeadFor the month of JuneTop 10 Best Eventing Sires Overall
  1. On Stranger Tides (SH)
  2. Holy Crap (SH)
  3. FHF Gunslinger (X)
  4. Rolling Thundaaa (SH)
  5. HLF Kenobi (SH)
  6. Valiant- (SH)
  7. Apophis (SH)
  8. Aranrúth (AA)
  9. HTA| Edwin Jarvis (SH)
  10. CZ + Evergreen (SH)
Top 10 Eventing Sires Warmblood
  1. Tel Mivar
  2. YAMA
  3. TC Curse
  4. Rhiaan
  5. Saosin
  6. Concorde
  7. Slain
  8. CZ + Beltane
  9. Phanes
  10. Urikrana
Top 10 Eventing Sires ThoroughbredTop 10 Eventing Sires Sport HorseTop 10 Eventing Sires Irish Draught
  1. Brinley Revenge
  2. Samarium
  3. Brinley Shark
  4. Brinley Hashtag
  5. SS Flying Bankroll
  6. CZ + Encender
  7. AL Necronom +2
  8. Malazan
  9. Stormswift
  10. Zivatar
  1. On Stranger Tides
  2. Holy Crap
  3. Rolling Thundaaa
  4. Valiant
  5. HLF Kenobi
  6. Apophis
  7. HTA| Edwin Jarvis
  8. CZ + Evergreen
  9. Dad Bod
  10. AL Loki +2
  1. AD Kalevala +2
  2. Ferox
  3. Louhi
  4. AD Berserkr +2
  5. AD Mysteeri +2
  6. Winstar Sinclair
  7. Winstar Kotal Kahn
  8. Winstar Alvallah
  9. Winstar Sektor
  10. GVF Beserks Sin
Top 10 Eventing Sires Irish Sport Horse
  1. Jericho Chernobog
  2. Nordlys
  3. AL Rhythm & Blues +2
  4. 500 Mles
  5. Easton
  6. AL Memento Mori
  7. Aristophanes
  8. *AS* Tabula Rasa
  9. Fraloue
  10. Panorama
Top 10 Eventing Sires Appendix Quarter Horse
  1. FHF Gunslinger
  2. Dash For Cash!
  3. Cygnus
  4. Örlátur
  5. Légende
  6. Guthrie
  7. Memphis
  8. Lyo
  9. Silver River
  10. FHF Comanchero
Top 10 Eventing Sires Knabstruppers
  1. CZ + Helios
  2. Volcano
  3. Jupiter
  4. Vintage
  5. Silver Lining
  6. Tell N Secrets
  7. Nataraja
  8. Route 66
  9. FHF Aleister
  10. A/S Silver EEE KNN
Top 10 Eventing Sires Anglo Arabian
  1. Aranrúth
  2. Hollywood's Bleeding
  3. Starlight
  4. Vennesetiid (retired)
  5. False Illusions
  6. MM Elven Muffin
  7. Catalyst
  8. Loc Vith
  9. Heartrender
  10. Moreton
Top 10 Eventing Sires Sport Pony
  1. Nicodemus
  2. Linus 
  3. Valrhona
  4. Stormbreaker
  5. Winchester
  6. WWE | Arturo
  7. Wild Side
  8. Sumo Wrestler
  9. Calamity James
  10. Expelliarmus
PAGE 8The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Who's In The LeadFor the month of JuneTop 10 Best Freshman Sires Overall
    1. TC Curse (WB)
    2. AL Rhythm & Blues +2 (ISH)
    3. Heartrender (AA)
    4. Bad Dragon (SH)
    5. Styx (SH)
    6. Malazan (TB)
    7. Ho'ōla (X)
    8. Akiva (SH)
    9. Valhalla (SH)
    10. AB Phantom Stranger (SH)
Top 10 Freshman Sires Warmblood
    1. TC Curse
    2. RR Spoiled
    3. Janus
    4. CZ + Valheim
    5. ChallengeAccepted
    6. Ashes
    7. Avalanche
    8. YM x Samha
    9. Ventauk
    10. Valerio
Top 10 Freshman Sires ThoroughbredTop 10 Freshman Sires Sport HorseTop 10 Freshman Sires Irish Draught
    1. Malazan
    2. S. Vengenance
    3. Argo
    4. Uncommon Ground
    5. Revenges
    6. FF Moody Fred
    7. Quintessential
    8. easterspring
    9. Cursed Days
    10. Catch x rinle 141
    1. Bad Dragon
    2. Styx
    3. Akiva
    4. Valhalla
    5. AB Phantom Stranger
    6. Valaia x Memph 141
    7. TADITA
    8. Sebastian
    9. Balthazar
    10. Senpai
    1. Louhi
    2. AD Msteeri +2
    3. GVF Beserks Sin
    4. Pretense
    5. ADKal x LeFur
    6. *^* Fersaga
    7. Wind Breaker
    8. Outcrys Carlow
    9. *^* Brush Fires
    10. Burie x Gifte 141
Top 10 Freshman Sires Irish Sport Horse
    1. AL Rhythm & Blues +2
    2. MV Jigball Sparklebutt
    3. MF Koufax
    4. Ægishjálmur
    5. Taj Orla Anthem
    6. Tippy Toes
    7. Captain
    8. Wind Chime
    9. Dark Nessu
    10. Zcerneboch
Top 10 Freshman Sires Appendix Quarter Horse
    1. Ho'ōla
    2. cowboy
    3. New Money
    4. Orodreth
    5. EE Double Decker
    6. Bird Has Flown
    7. Phenomene
    8. Kocoum
    9. Talutah
    10. Road To Nowhere
Top 10 Freshman Sires Knabstruppers
    1. DUN burning Sun
    2. WFNat x umeer 141
    3. Fractured
    4. Filago
    5. Al Khalja
    6. Puddle of Mud
    7. 26243687 Cr
    8. Asturis
    9. Bruafrost
    10. A/S Goody Bee
Top 10 Freshman Sires Anglo Arabian
    1. Heartrender
    2. Burning Sun
    3. Bedrock
    4. Rigel
    5. Hollywierd
    6. Deep Stone Lullaby
    7. Samuel
    8. BB Uma Vermelho
    9. Farid
    10. *Jack Frost**
Top 10 Freshman Sires Sport Pony
    1. Gambino
    2. Interlude
    3. George
    4. Death
    5. Valrh x TimeW 141
    6. *DV* Butter Me Up
    7. Wild Storm CA
    8. *Storm x ampAn 141
    9. Fagradalsfjall
    10. Cogi
PAGE 9The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Who's In The LeadFor the month of JuneTop 10 Best Dressage Sires Overall
    1. ISF Barry (PON)
    2. ISF Dan (PON)
    3. Compensate Bliss (SH)
    4. ISF Bob (PON)
    5. Sinner's Bliss (ISH)
    6. dead Just a sinner ** (ISH)
    7. DXLB | Vuitton * (X)
    8. Dreadful Sinner (ISH)
    9. Spartacus (WB)
    10. ISF Neil (PON)
Top 10 Dressage Sires Warmblood
    1. Spartacus
    2. Restitution
    3. sigh
    4. coupe
    5. Qianbei
    6. Okay
    7. Killarny
    8. Rising Pheonix
    9. Brown dun
    10. S1 Kappa
Top 10 Dressage Sires ThoroughbredTop 10 Dressage Sires Sport HorseTop 10 Dressage Sires Irish Draught
    1. Star and Sky
    2. Colour Winds
    3. Winterspell
    4. Star's Guardian
    5. Elucidator
    6. Colour Beyond Lines
    7. Stars Shine
    8. Rogue Pearl
    9. colour Woods
    10. Arrogate
    1. Compensate Bliss
    2. dead Shodō
    3. Toying with Money
    4. Rosario
    5. Rolling Thundaaa
    6. Rosar x WSSub 141
    7. WAX | Rockstar136
    8. dead Manat Ray
    9. Vintage Spartan
    10. HLF Kenobi
    1. GBRoy x 2973
    2. BFS L Pandemonium
    3. ILF Glasgow
    4. D2W1 Tist Vist
    5. ILF lincolnshire
    6. GBRoy X 1949
    7. Preono
    8. Booo
    9. GlassShores
    10. ILF Wilmslow
Top 10 Dressage Sires Irish Sport Horse
    1. Sinner's Bliss
    2. dead Just A Sinner
    3. Dreadful Sinner
    4. dead Broadway
    5. Rebel Love Song
    6. Blissed Dars
    7. Kaisho
    8. Blissed Sins
    9. Thrice Three
    10. Valet
Top 10 Dressage Sires Appendix Quarter Horse
    1. Vitton
    2. Ancient Design
    3. Coloured Wine
    4. McNasty
    5. Cygnus
    6. Lyo
    7. Torino
    8. Turn Up the Color
    9. FHF Gunslinger
    10. Limitless
Top 10 Dressage Sires Knabstruppers
    1. Voltaire
    2. Monolith
    3. Goliath
    4. Oriaon
    5. Hawaii
    6. vita Aecore
    7. Everest
    8. Demon Fyre
    9. Boo
    10. Fiendfyre
Top 10 Dressage Sires Anglo Arabian
    1. Clean as a Whistle
    2. Ash Fly
    3. MadeitonBroadway
    4. Playing for Bliss
    5. Ash Mirror
    6. Aranrúth
    7. Rowan Downton
    8. Toying with Games
    9. Ash Spin
    10. AS Blue Rasberry
Top 10 Dressage Sires Sport Pony
    1. ISF Barry
    2. Cesucasus
    3. ISF Dan
    4. Cesunyunku
    5. ISF Bob
    6. Cesunicue
    7. ISF Neil
    8. Very Darey
    9. Genisis
    10. Cesuankui
PAGE 10The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Who's In The LeadFor the month of JuneTop 10 Best Jumping Sires Overall
    1. Taxcapune (PON)
    2. Taxcabuae (PON)
    3. Rain Down On Me (WB)
    4. Melelki (PON)
    5. Majeure II (WB)
    6. Kheurune (PON)
    7. Melypri (PON)
    8. HTA | Livin' On A High (TB)
    9. Dead By Daylight (WB)
    10. Melbuteki (PON)
Top 10 Jumping Sires Warmblood
    1. Rain Down On Me
    2. Majeure II
    3. Dead By Daylight
    4. Intermittency
    5. House Of Targaryen
    6. Sir Majeure
    7. House Of Tudor
    8. Minneapolis
    9. City Limits
    10. Elrohir
Top 10 Jumping Sires ThoroughbredTop 10 Jumping Sires Sport HorseTop 10 Jumping Sires Irish Draught
    1. HTA | Livin On A High
    2. HTA| Livin' In Fear
    3. (UPW) Sunshine 1
    4. Dragon
    5. 3 High Voltage J15
    6. Bushwacker
    7. Samarium
    8. 3 Futurity J15
    9. SABJL x Nilla 141
    10. xSW | Kantharos
    1. JP Royce
    2. Holy Crap
    3. CZ + Evergreen
    4. On Stranger Tides
    5. Apophis
    6. MoistDoubleThickMayo
    7. W- Sam (16.1hh)
    8. High Velocity
    9. Dad Bod
    10. Red King
    1. GaggedAndBound
    2. DayOfTheLady
    3. ILF Ellington
    4. Retrograde (+H)
    5. DragonAndDemon
    6. BoundLady
    7. DelightSuprise
    8. SJ3Wt Witch Songerie (T)
    10. Concussion (+Sp/-H)
Top 10 Jumping Sires Irish Sport Horse
    1. Szellõ
    2. Lord Disick
    3. Bend N Snap #36 hrt
    4. City of Stars
    5. Adrift (spd)
    6. Red Tide
    7. Ice Lord #72
    8. Frigid #56
    9. shadowsinger (scp)
    10. Treebeard
Top 10 Jumping Sires Appendix Quarter Horse
    1. FS Castor
    2. Karma x 3328 139
    3. FHF Gunslinger
    4. Shooting Stars
    5. Guthrie
    6. Nessuno +2
    7. WHC Critics Choice Award
    8. Örlátur
    9. Dash For Cash!
    10. FS Atlas
Top 10 Jumping Sires Knabstruppers
    1. Rio Rhythm
    2. Tin Accident
    3. Bumi
    4. Tyenai
    5. Rio's Ryson
    6. Just Do It
    7. Ryzan
    8. Volcano
    9. Rio's Carter
    10. Rio's Carma
Top 10 Jumping Sires Anglo Arabian
    1. One Voodoo
    2. One Reign
    3. One String
    4. 3 WA Blacklands
    5. MM Elven Muffin
    6. Oak's Rise
    7. Elder Fall
    8. 3 WA Enchanted Red
    9. One Song
    10. Catalyst
Top 10 Jumping Sires Sport Pony
    1. Taxcapune
    2. Taxcabuae
    3. Melelki
    4. Kheurune
    5. Melypri
    6. Melbuteki
    7. Taxcateki
    8. Melbiune
    9. Melyáypri
    10. Taxcanpri
PAGE 11The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Who's In The LeadFor the month of JuneTop 10 Best Cross Country Sires Overall
    1. Burdened Reality (ISH)
    2. Girnaset (PON)
    3. Darkseid (ISH)
    4. Girnanlod (PON)
    5. Girvarèl (PON)
    6. Girdumanor (PON)
    7. Fresno (PON)
    8. Adventurer (WB)
    9. AWP | Clan Leader 138 (TB)
    10. Girdurzil (PON)
Top 10 Cross Country Sires Warmblood
    1. Adventurer
    2. Jumping Kings
    3. King's Tourney
    4. Jumping Hearts
    5. Journeyman
    6. Skipping Kings
    7. Jumping Journeys
    8. Skipping Journeys
    9. CZ + Beltane
    10. Aurum
Top 10 Cross Country Sires ThoroughbredTop 10 Cross Country Sires Sport HorseTop 10 Cross Country Sires Irish Draught
    1. AWP | Clan Leader
    2. Achilles
    3. Samarium
    4. Sassenach
    5. AWS | Duke of York
    6. xWS Dead Roses
    7. Latency
    8. AL Necronom +2
    9. XWs | Code Review
    10. AL Dance Macabre +J
    1. HTA | Edwin Jarvis
    2. The Keymaker
    3. Graceful Eye
    4. Graceful Ideals
    5. Seraph
    6. Grace in Flight
    7. High Velocity
    8. Dad Bod
    9. Holy Crap
    10. Riparian
    1. LegacyOfTheHills
    2. AShrillCry
    3. ShrillSinging
    4. SteelHills
    5. GlowingSoul
    6. SteelyHeart
    7. WeatherTheStorm
    8. Buddah
    9. Singing Solo
    10. AD Kalevala
Top 10 Cross Country Sires Irish Sport Horse
    1. Burdened Reality
    2. Darkseid
    3. Goose Egg
    4. Flash Dance
    5. Spiritual Burden
    6. Reigning Men
    7. Henrik
    8. Despacito
    9. Spiritual Readiness
    10. AL Rhythm & Blues +2
Top 10 Cross Country Sires Appendix Quarter Horse
    1. Fly to Ideals
    2. Idyllic Eye
    3. Idyllic Graces
    4. Fly to the Future
    5. Idyllic Flight
    6. The Devil Himself
    7. Ideal Flight
    8. Idyll x Idyll 141
    9. FHF Gunslinger
    10.Dash For Cash!
Top 10 Cross Country Sires Knabstruppers
    1. IR Beautifully Broken
    2. IR Beautiful Mess
    3. IR Kings and Queens
    4. IR Broken King
    5. IR Triple the Mess
    6. IR Broken Crown
    7. Helix
    8. Cyndrome
    9. IR King Me
    10. IR A Beautiful Dream
Top 10 Cross Country Sires Anglo Arabian
    1. Aranrùth
    2. HTS Gatsby
    3. Alder Beckon
    4. AE| Hollywoods Bleeding
    5. Deep Stone Lullaby
    6. Xenophobia
    7. Kall Boy
    8. Bronyx
    9. Loc Vith
    10. Alder Sun
Top 10 Cross Country Sires Sport Pony
    1. Girnaset
    2. Girnanlod
    3. Girvarel
    4. Girdumanor
    5. Fresno
    6. Girdurzil
    7. Gileazlod
    8. Girnazri
    9. Girnazil
    10. Girdavor
PAGE 12The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Who's In The LeadFor the month of JuneTop 10 Best Bravery Sires Overall
    1. Glass Hepheastus (TB)
    2. Karnelian Kondor (X)
    3. Wilderness (KNN)
    4. Coulee Whisper (AA)
    5. GHS Wild Wind (WB)
    6. Bravery: World Class Eli (WB)
    7. Bravery: World Class Pope (PON)
    8. Kay Hole (SH)
    9. Verum (TB)
    10. Friday (PON)
Top 10 Bravery Sires Warmblood
    1. GHS Wild Wind
    2. Bravery: World Class Eli
    3. World WeWill SEE
    4. Bravery: World Class Sterling
    5. World Why +SEE
    6. Waltz
    7. Volcanic Cloud
    8. GHS Striking Fellow (ABLB)
    9. FM In The Moment (PAA-WCB)
    10. Foxgrove WB
Top 10 Bravery Sires ThoroughbredTop 10 Bravery Sires Sport HorseTop 10 BraverySires Irish Draught
    1. Glass Hepheastus PEE-WC
    2. Verum W-PSS
    3. Warrior /W
    4. Jim -W
    5. to - 24525977
    6. Brittania Heroics WORLD
    7. Wonderland Hero WORLD
    8. PPF BIQ'a'
    9. Mr. Slick SSS W 138
    10. Apikai
    1. Kay Hole | W.PPP
    2. PPF Ngech'
    3. Pinea x Heath W
    4. Biggest Boy
    5. Monit W-SSS
    6. Marzipan Pinnacle WORLD
    7. Advent - SSS/W
    8. Incaendium WORLD
    9. Gilmoreosaurus
    10. Alpine Throne WORLD
    1. Volturius WORLD
    2. World Black +SSS
    3. Kharbranth
    4. SCrazy Adras -EASub-W
    5. C06-Tomaxoth SSS
    6. Sage {World Class}
    7. 23667023 W*
    8. Izze Melon WORLD
    9. C10-24964790 (prlSb)ASA
    10. C11-23267199 AAA
Top 10 Bravery Sires Irish Sport Horse
    1. #41 bravery ABLB
    2. Persephecles WC
    3. Volunteer WORLD
    4. Arcadia WORLD
    5. Fireside WORLD
    6. WC Bravery Chch
    7. Thor's Day (WC Bravery)
    8. WCBra x SSAEw 139
    9. #9 ISH Bravery
    10. Divine Rendezvous WOR
Top 10 Bravery Sires Appendix Quarter Horse
    1. Karnelian Kondor W-EEP
    2. PPF Chonnaq
    3. BS Outsider
    4. PPF x PPFXP 141
    5. C05 - Red Ranger (ZO)
    6. BS Mortal Outcast
    7. Pixy Kieva {World Class}
    8. Legendary Champ - AAA-W
    9. Double Kieva {World Class}
    10. PPFKo x AEliq 137
Top 10 Bravery Sires Knabstruppers
    1. Wilderness WC (PWE)
    2. Gilded Apostle PSS-W
    3. IWraith {WC}
    4. The Brave WC
    5. Radley {WC}
    6. Jupiter {World Class} BABLB
    7. C07 - Southsea (LpABB)
    8. Bravery WC KNN Sire
    9. Bailey's Mudslide WORLD
    10. Kilauea Sleeps WORL
Top 10 Bravery Sires Anglo Arabian
    1. Coulee Whisper
    2. Rito {World Class}
    3. Mercury
    4. PPF Tlhegh
    5. PPF Meglahchaj
    6. Nigh
    7. Aurantiaca Bloom WC
    8. Pry
    9. Eppi WC
    10. Auburn Dreams prl WORLD
Top 10 Bravery Sires Sport Pony
    1. Bravery: World Class Pope ESS
    2. Friday [W]
    3. Mistywild Wunder [W]
    4. PPF Vorwl'
    5. Midnite Kiss - ESA-W
    6. Everest WORLD
    7. Invictus WORLD CLASS
    8. B-Assault-WC
    9. B Whirlwind Romance
    10. Highfalutin WORLD
PAGE 13The Eden Echo:The Voices of HEEIssue 1 | Vol. 1 | July 2021Classified CorralOur Stallion and Club DirectoryPlease click on ButtonsThe WatermanWWW ISH stallion#85 DISHLB |#38 CCISHLB |#40 JISHLB | #13 ISHLB | | 41 Top EEE producer overallLC: 30k
Straws: 20k
Discounts for HEESSF members
Dash For HellWWW X stallion#55 ABLB| #9 XLB |#36 DXLB | #15 JXLB | #8 CCXLB
76 yearly EEE producer
LC: 85k
Straws: 75k
Discounts for Club SSBU
GødWWW-W (WILD)AA stallion
#20 FABLB | # 5 FAALB | #38 BAALB | #23 EAALB | #94 JAALB | #97 CCAALB
#10 Top Yearly EEE producer Overall
LC: 125k
Straws: 100k
Cloud NineEWE PON stallion #97 EPONLB
Previous Multi LB Stallion
LC: 3k
Straws: ASK
Standing FREE to TEECC members
Sunny Boy RileySSS X stallionStud fee: 1000
Free to TEECC members
TEECC members will get ad discounts.
RIDCCTo develop RIDs and to gather the community so that we can strive for more quality and get some more chonky ponies on that ABLB!
SSBUWe strive to help HEE breeders of all breeds to breed world class ratings with color is desired! 
Dues: 1000
TEECCTEECC is the official club for The Eden Echo (TEE). All contests, prizes and donations will be handled by SCF. The generosity and talents of the HEE community is greatly appreciated to make our contest and prizes fun and exciting! Thank you!
Dues: 500